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Hello, my beautiful readers and welcome to my first article, on this blog. My real name is Štěpánka Císařová and in English, it's Steffani Empress or Ceaser.

Yeah, I know weird name, but who cares. From my name you could recognize that I'm not from English-speaking country. I'm from and I live in the  Czech republic. The Czech republic is a little country in the middle of Europe.
I'm 16 years young/old and I go to the high school. I must go to the school by train because I live in little town and there isn't any high school. I study on business high school and I'm in my freshman year.
In this article I write some basics fact about me too, so let's start.
My favorite color is purple, but most of my wardrobe are black or gray color clothes.
My girl crushes are Jennifer Lawrence or Eleanor Calder. I can't choose just one. They are both absolutely amazing, perfect and stunning. Yeah, I love them.
I love to dance and I dance in our dance group. Our name is Bonima. We are the awesome squad.
I am "a little bit" obsessed with Marvel movies and movies with Jennifer Lawrence.
I have scoliosis so I must do some special exercise.
My boy crushes are Harry Styles, Ed Westwick and stunning Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy.
I have one older brother, his name is Jirka and he is 21.
I love One Direction, they are so good. I listen to them since 2011 and they are my baes.
My favorite YouTubers are Lilly Singh , Bianca, Joe , Gogo, Caspar.
Sometimes I am really scared, that I forgot something in the train. I go by train to and back from school. So when I step out from a train I must check if I have everything. Although I do it two times in the train.
I obsessed with reading books and stories. My favorite books are Great Gatsby and Looking for Alaska.
I think that's will be the end of this article. I hope you enjoy it and I can't wait for another one. And sorry for some mistakes.

Bye, bye Irresistible Steffani.

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