April Favourites

9:10 dop.

Hello, my beautiful readers today I decide that I should write an article about my favourites and the most used products from last month. For this month, I chose five categories.
I´ll hope you enjoy it and let´s start.

Decorative cosmetic
My favorite product from this category is brow gel from essence. I have it about two months and still love it. I have this brow gel in the lightest color, 01 Blonde. With this gel is my eyebrow fix all day.

For this category, I choose this cream. It´s from a pharmacy store and I think this cream will be available only in the Czech republic and Slovakia. It´s identified for dry skin. I have little problematic skin and this cream is really good for it.

My the most listening song in April was Car radio be Twenty One Pilots I listened this song 24/7 and I'm not joking.
What´s your favorite song from April?

We Heart It

Blogger / youtuber
Last month I really like watched Lilly Sigh´s videos. She's super cute and her videos are fun. I like hers vlog too. The most I like "My parents react".

We Hear It

Movie / TV Show
In April, I started to watch Game of thrones and I love it. Now I'm on 5th series and it's incredible. I don't want to spoiler you something. My favourite characters are Arya Stark, Daenerys and John Snow.
Do like GOT? And which house are you in? I´m proud Targaryen, maybe I become the mother of dragon N. 2.

What was your the most use product?
Bye, bye Irresistible Steffani.

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4 komentářů

  1. Nice article! :) I really like song Stressed out by Twenty one pilots, but Car Radio is good too! :) My favourite song for this month is definitely Raging by Kygo and Kodaline-Firstime a really hate this song, but now I love it. :D
    Ha, I don't know this youtuber, but I will look for it :D My favourite youtuber is SAARA, she is amazing and my favourite bloger are Petra form Restless child and Aniesonge, do you know this? :)

    Omg, omg! I love Game of Thrones, I was waitng for season 6 last year and now I'm looking forward for next episode. I love Stark and Targaryen. Deanerys and Jon Snow are best! :) But I like all of Stark :D And I also like a Jamie Lannister and Tyrion Lannister :)

    1. I don´t know neither SAARA nor Petra, but I look for them. Thanks for tip.
      Jamie and Tyrion are both amazing. :)

  2. Make me brow od Essence takisto patrí k jedným z mojich obľúbených produktov :) Kika – Blog for smile