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Hello, my beautiful readers and welcome to ultimate the Harry Potter Tag that consists of 30 questions about Harry Potter. I decided to write this tag because I´m Potterhead and I just wanna to write something about Harry Potter.

We Heart It

1) Favourite book?
Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban.

2) Least favourite book?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Everything sucked in Harry’s life (except DA) and Umbridge was there. Need I say more?

3) Favourite movie?
It's probably Harry Potter and Goblet of fire.  I like it because here is another schools and action, sport and I love Cedric.

4) Least favourite movie?
Philosopher´s stone. It's my least favorite movie, I don't say it's bad movie adaption, but effects are the worst from all these series.

5) Favourite quote?
“Do you remember me telling you we were practised non-verbal spells?”
“Yes, sir.”
“No need to call me sir, professor.”

We Heart It

6) Favourite Weasley?
Definitely Fred. Fred is my honey and I cry every time when I watch or read Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows.

7) Favourite female character?
Obviously Hermione. She´s awesome on so many levels and I really connect with her, but I have it with so many other characters.

8) Favourite villain.
Bellatrix Lestrange. She was the best and most creative villain out of all of them. She was so unique and fun to read about.
And in the movie, she's awesome too and Helena Bonham Carter is amazing.

9) Favourite male character?
 Draco Malfoy. It must be hard, for 16teen years old boy, conjure plan how to kill somebody like Dumbledore. Be to honest, maybe he was a bastard, little asshole and protege brat, but when he must choose between good and bad, he chooses well.

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10) Favourite professor?
It has to be McGonagall. She is the best teacher in the series and is so awesome in the last book when there is the big battle.

11) Would you rather A) wash Snape’s hair or B) spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself?
Wash Snape´s hair. If must spend some time with Lockhart I die for boring after 5 minutes. And be honest Snape´s hair looks amazing.

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12) Would you rather duel A) an elated Bellatrix or B) and angry Molly?
Definitely an elated Bellatrix. Did you see what happened last time someone crossed angry Molly?

13) Would you rather travel to Hogwarts via A) Hogwarts Express or B) Flying Car?
Hogwarts Express. I want to ride the train all day and eat the sweets. There really is no option against the Hogwarts Express. I go to school by train and I love it.

14) Would you rather A) Kiss Voldemort or B) give Umbridge a bubble bath?
Kiss Voldemort. Everything is better than have to deal with Umbridge.

15) Would you rather A) ride a Hippogriff or B) ride a Firebolt?
Hippogriff hands down.

16) Is there a character you felt differently about in the movies?
Yes, Ginny. In the books, she was a really awesome and fierce character but in the movies, she felt very fake.

17) Is there a movie you preferred to the book?
No there isn’t. Things were left out of all the films that I absolutely adored in the books. I will always choose the text over the picture.

18) Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?
I think they were both Dumbledore’s that they portrayed, but Michael Gambon was more sympathy for me.

19) Your top thing (person or event) that wasn’t in the movie that you wanted there the most?
The part in the Deathly Hallows were Dudley tells Harry that he isn’t a waste of space. Out of everything missing in the films that are the one thing I am most mad about.
S.P.E.W. Hermione and organisation are super cute. And I feel so sorry for her because nobody want to join it.

20) If you could remake any of the Harry Potter movies which would it be?
Probably the Half Blood Prince. I would make it a lot closer to the book.

21) Which house was your first gut feeling you’d be a part of?
Hufflepuff. I´m friendly and hard working and if should be honest I had a crush to Cedric, so...

22) Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore?
Slytherin. I am so glad that I was sorted in.

We Heart It

23) Which class would be your favourite?
I’m really interested in the Defence Against the Dark Art or Charms stuff so those two.

24) Which spell do you think would be most useful to learn?
Accio. I’d never have to move again. Or Alohomora. Because I´d never have my keys with myself.

25) Which character do you think you’d instantly become friends with?
With Ginny. In books, she was super cool and awesome. In movie adaption, she is was too shy. Or with Luna, she is a little bit weird, like me, and she is really sympathetic.

26) If you could own one of the three Hallows, which would it be?
The Invisibility Cloak. It´s the best thing from these three.

27) Is there any aspect of the books you’d want to change?
Yes, I would have Harry not name his child Albus Severus but Rubeus or Remus. One of those two.

28) Favourite Marauder?
I would have to say Moony, Padfoot and Prongs. I honestly can’t choose between the three. Together they sound like so much fun and I love their individual traits.

29) If you could bring one character back to life, which would it be?
Fred. I cannot imagine George without him. They were never two souls; they were two bodies one soul and I think living without Fred would mean George would never be the same again.

We Hert It

30) Hallows or Horcruxes?
Hallows obviously. Why become immortal when I can just become the Master of Death?

That’s it for the Ultimate Harry Potter tag. I tag any of you who love Harry Potter as much as I do.
I´ll be glad if you keep a comment or star to follow me. (GFC >>>)

Bye, bye Irresistible Steffani.

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  1. Milujem HP! :) Ten výrok, pekne som sa pobavila :D. A Draco je tiež asi moja naj postava :).

  2. Já zrovna nejsem fanynkou HP, ale oceňuju, že blog píšeš anglicky (tak snad nevadí, že komentuju česky :D)

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  3. HP mám veľmi rada, skvelý tag! :)
    inak krásny blog, nedáme vzájomné sledovanie? Napíš mi na blog a neber to ako reklamu :)