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7:45 dop.

Hello, my beautiful readers today´s article going to be about few things which I bought in April.
When I was taking the first photo I absolutely forgot photograph two thighs, so they are in the single photo.

1. Skinny jeans
First thing what I bought was one pair of light blue skinny jeans. I bought them at the shop with name Pepco. They cost  300 Czech crown / 14$, they were really cheap. I bought them because I ripped them on the knee. And it looks great.

2. Power Bank
Power bank I bought it on the same day like jeans. It's portable Power Bank with 6000 mAh capacity. It's from Yenkee. This power bank is matt black and it looks very elegant. It costed 500 Czech crown /  22 $.

3. Handbag
This little black handbag I bought at some Vietnamese shop in Trutnov ( a town where I go to school). I sought some black handbag for the ages because I need some for my school trip to Munich. I have one black purse, but that is too big for this trip. This purse cost 500 Czech crown / 22 $. I must say that I'm already in love with this bag.

4. Shirt
Next thing what I bought, is a shirt. It's classic shirt, but without a collar. The shirt is in nice olive/khaki color. It cost about 200 Czech crown / 10$.

5. Little hairbrush
A Little hairbrush is really practiced to purse or school bag when you don't want to bring your normal hairbrush. This brush was really cheap, it cost 40 Czech crown / 2$.

6. Sport bra
Next thing what I bought is a sports bra from H&M. It´s the most comfortable bra, which I ever had. I paid 350 Czech crown / 16$.

7. Glass
These glasses are really famous, but I bought it not until this month. I never before see it on the classic shop, only on the internet, but there were expensive. I found this glass in a Nanu-Nana and there were cheap, so I bought one. It cost 60 Czech crown / 2,50 $.

8. Bandanna
It´s ordinary black bandanna from New Yorker. I bought it for 60 Czech crown / 2,50 $.

9. Hairspray
The penultimate thing what I bought is a hairspray from Loreal. It should wavy your hair like from sea, but on my hair it does nothing. But I don´t say it's bad, maybe on shorter hair it's good. It cost 125 Czech crown / 6$.

10. T-shirt
And the last thing what I bought is a T-shirt. It's ordinary black t-shirt. Only interesting thing about this t-shirt is that's from a male section. I bought it in New Yorker and cost 170 Czech crown / 8,50$.

That's everything that I bought. What did you buy?
I hope you enjoy this post and will be glad if you keep a comment.

Bye, bye Irresistible Steffani.

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  1. Moc krásné věci sis pořídila. :) Líbí se mi moc to triko a džíny. :)

    1. Moc děkuji, ty džíny nosím teď pořád. :)